We believe in a system that is tried and true in reducing net costs for our clients. The 7-Step System that is the foundation of Procur Global Sourcing transparently defines how each step moves towards this goal for our clientele. From sourcing to negotiation to delivery, our process and efforts stay true to combat the ever-changing market of supply chain.


The 7-Step System starts with looking at the Procurement opportunity at hand. We discuss with our client all the surrounding information around the goods or services that they are looking to purchase over the next 12-24 months. This discussion period allows for us to determine if we believe that we can achieve a cost reduction as there are times our abilities are not always successful dependent on the spend item. We also discuss the client’s price quotes they are receiving along with specs, delivery schedules, and current vendor of the spend items.

Our team also compiles all clients that are looking to purchase items along these category spends to command larger quantities with our bids. This aggregated approach allows for Procur to reduce spend amongst multiple clients with smaller individual buys. All this detailed information allows for Procur to start its intensive supplier research.


After having consolidated all our research from our supply chain experts, we send out our unique RFB package that states the exact same specs and details that were compiled from our client’s needs. This two weeklong process allows us to bring in dozens of quotations globally within and outside of our network of supply chain partners. Once this process is complete and our team has gathered all permanent information, the negotiations begin. At this stage we review the top supplier options and have our professional negotiators work to command the best possible pricing that can potentially be achieved.


Once we have established what the best selection will be based off our RFB package criteria, the bid is awarded to that chosen supplier. This is the point that we discuss the new pricing that our client will be paying and the new vendor that they will be buying from. While we will still assist our client and vendor through this process, Procur takes a step back as the client and vendor discuss delivery and implementation of the product or service that they have negotiated to purchase.

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