Matthew Talbert
Chief Executive Officer
January 20, 2021

Matthew Talbert CEO of Procur Global a global purchasing company

Matthew L. Talbert is a senior corporate executive who has built his reputation by applying his creative management skills to a variety of successful business ventures.

With his expertise, Mr. Talbert has traveled the globe with many U.S. Senators and Congressman on Congressional Delegations to numerous foreign countries to participate in discussions with international Heads of State. He has also been invited to address Congress with expertise on water and its potential for international conflict.

Prior to his most recent role as CEO of International Offset Corporation and its subsidiary, Procur Global Sourcing, Mr. Talbert founded International Trade Finance Corporation, an international extension of his former U.S.-based corporate barter company, ABS Worldwide, to develop and manage high level barter and countertrade transactions for international clientele.

Mr. Talbert also founded Flight Environments, which became a worldwide leader in aviation insulation and acoustics. Additionally, he founded Contract Publishing, a sponsored publishing firm publishing twenty-three titles including the Beverly Hills Telephone Book, BMW Magazine, PGA Magazine, the Los Angeles Advertising Club Belding Awards program, and several publications for the Economic Development Corporation of Los Angeles. Mr. Talbert was also the founder of Associated Outdoor Services, a national billboard media buying service.

Mr. Talbert has been featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal and quoted in such nationally respected publications as Nation’s Business and Entrepreneur magazines. He’s made appearances on many radio programs and both CNBC and CNN television, and has been invited to, and attended, the World Economic Forum in Jordan. He sat on the boards of the Corporate Trade Council (CTC) and the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA).

In the spirit of philanthropy, he has seen the need and desperation of people in third-world countries and the devastating effects of what the lack of clean water creates. In hopes of helping and leaving a legacy of giving back, he has funded and pursued the development of the Borelite drill, a game changing inexpensive drill for retrieving water specific for third-world applications for those without access to water.

Mr. Talbert is an avid pilot holding advanced levels of certification of twin engine and instrument ratings and also multiple SCUBA certifications including deep diving, search and recovery and rescue diver. Further, Mr. Talbert is a semi-professional race car driver, previously owning race teams and driving in such prestigious racing events as the 24hrs of Daytona. He is also a student of the martial arts for over 20 years.


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